The Elm Grove Missionary Baptist Church was organized in January, 1957, by the late Reverend L.J. Jenkins. He and his family were in a small building located at 800 Bryant Street. The church was known as Bryant Street Baptist Church.

In 1958 the church moved to a larger building on Yuma and Richmond Street. The name was changed to the Elm Grove Missionary Baptist Church. In 1960, the church moved to its present location, 1344 E. Harvey Avenue. Rev Jenkins along with the entire congregation did a great job in erecting the building in which is now the fellowship hall.

In May of 1995, we dedicated our new sanctuary under the leadership of Rev. Carl P. Small.  Present for the services were Pastor Small’s father, and his church from Cleveland, Ohio. Also, under the administration of Rev, Small the Elm Grove Baptist Church became incorporated by the state of Texas as a non-profit organization in 1995.

The following ministers accepted the call to serve as pastor of Elm Grove M.B.C.  Under each minister’s leadership, Elm Grove continued to shine its light for the Lord.

  • January, 1957 to 1966 – Rev. Jenkins
  • 1966 to June, 1968 – Rev. Benson
  • June, 1971 to August, 1976 – Rev. L. W. Watkins
  • November, 1976 to July, 1982 – Rev. Joe E. Tubbs
  • November, 1982 to March, 1989 – Rev. F. D. Lawson, Sr.
  • August, 1989 to May 1996 – Rev. Carl P. Small
  • January, 1997 to December, 2006 – Rev. Paul Lawson

During the transition phase; Elm Grove was led by the Deacons in collaboration with the Advisory Committee.  This Advisory Committee was created to assist the Deacons with the transition process.  Advisory members consisted of Deacons and three representatives from the membership: Deacon William Brown, Chairman of Deacons; Deacon Norris Donnell, Vice-Chairman of Deacons and Chairman of Advisory Committee; Deacon James Griffin; Deacon Hercules Neighbors; Sister Gwendolyn Hymond Weathered; Sister Patricia Johnson; and Sister Benita Whitaker Cleveland, Church Clerk.

The Advisory Committee was instrumental in re-establishing Elm Grove as a non-profit organization with the State of Texas and revising the By-laws and Constitution. Under the joint leadership of the Deacons and Advisory Committee; the Ushers and Choir were reorganized. Through fasting and prayer, Elm Grove continued to operate during this stressful time in our history.

Rev. Kenneth Mitchell served as Interim Pastor under the leadership of Rev. Michael Evans; Moderator of the Elm Grove District Association and Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Under the direction of the Pulpit Search Committee and Deacons, the church met on Sunday, January 30, 2011, to call a Pastor.  By an overwhelming margin, the members of Elm Grove MBC chose to call the Reverend T. J. Patterson, Jr. of Bethlehem Baptist Church where the Reverend Dr. Michael Evans is the Pastor. Reverend Patterson accepted the call and was installed by Reverend Evans and the Bethlehem Church Family on Sunday, March 20, 2011.

Under his leadership, several members have been baptized; new ministries have added to the church and are continuing to successfully grow. Please continue to keep the Elm Grove Church Family in your prayers as we continue the journey that has been set before us.  We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve as a House of Worship for His children.  We are determined to finish reach our goal:  Heaven!